Lip Enhancement

botox-for-face-female-in-woodsFuller Lips

Most people want fuller lips, they try to make their lips appear bigger, glossy and try to fill them in, however in some people this just looks very fake.  You can see the pencil or crayon line on their skin and it can be obvious it isn’t their actual lip line they have traced.  Fuller lips can be achieved via Dermal Filler Clinic who have practices throughout the U.K.

The procedure takes under 30mts to complete, if you have had this treatment done before you will know you get local anaesthetic beforehand so it doesn’t hurt as with any injection into your face or body, there will be a little swelling or bruising.  The bruising can be reduced with Arnica Cream, this is excellent to combat the colours that can appear.

Main celebrities get Lip Botox; Nicole Kidman, Keith Rogers, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez etc.  Everyone wants to enhance their natural features and look as amazing as they can.  Lip Botox or Lip Fillers as they are known are instant results, they give you a confidence boost and you can feel sexy, sure of yourself and above all, you look amazing.

Lip Enhancement costs vary, it totally depends on the amount of product used on your face.  Ask to see the practitioner’s before and after pictures, every professional will have these, you can see their work and if they have a certain style.  If you would like to make an appointment please click here.  Pick the main city you live in and call the dermal filler clinic to see if they can fit you in.

Lip Enhancement can look brilliant, if its for a wedding, special occasion, party etc.  Or it may be that you have a professional black tie dinner where you want to impress others.