Erase Wrinkle Lines

Lines Around Lips

As we get older fine lines appear around the lips, it becomes very visible when we are much older in years, however for a female who wears lipstick, its worse.  We recommend Dermal Fillers who have clinics throughout the U.K. they offer quick appointments so you can phone up, make an appointment and within 30mts your Botox is done.

The Botox for Lips procedure is painless, its quick and the area can be numbed with local anaesthetic.  You will be asked if you feel anything in that particular area, if you don’t the pracititoner will inject your lips with the Botox product.

The actual product used can vary from clinic to clinic.  We recommend you ask what they are using as you dont want cheap rubbish injected into your face.  In May 2014 it was reported that 84% of people didn’t know what was being injected into their face, this is really scary as we all pay particular attention to our appearance and most importantly our faces.

Brands that are well known are Juvederm, Vistabel, Xeomin to name a few.  The cost depends on how much product is used and we guess how good the practitioner is, some charge a little more because they are very experienced and appointments are not as readily available.

You can pop into the clinic, get the treatment done and then go back to your daily life.  The area may look swollen for a period of time, you will be advised to watch what you put on your face, for fear of getting dirt into the area just treated.  A lot of the guidelines are just common sense and most practitioners give you a fact sheet with information away with you.

The clinic we recommend offers very good after-care, we find that when we visit them if we have any questions, they are quick to respond.