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Registered Lip Filler Clinic

In Scotland back in April 2017 a law was passed that all dermal filler clinics should be a registered lip filler clinic. What has happened since is that most beauty salons or hair dressers stopped offering wrinkle fillers treatments as they were not a registered lip filler clinic which has had a positive effect of the dermal filler industry.


Registered Lip Filler clinic – England, Northern Ireland and Wales


The registered lip filler clinic law has not as yet found it’s way to the rest of the UK which means that there are still a high chance of coming across non registered lip filler clinic or practitioners – so be very careful when choosing which dermal filler clinic you get to carry out any wrinkle filler treatment. A good way to suss straight away if the clinic is legit is to see if they offer payment plans for treatments through a proper finance company – check this out first even if you can pay for your treatments with bank savings or even with a SIPP Pension Fund


Registered Lip Filler Clinic – what happens if things go wrong?


The first thing you should do is get advice from a registered lip filler clinic in the UK you can see a UK wide clinics HERE.

Once you have proof or believe you have a case seek legal advice from family law firms like;


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Lip filler Nightmares

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