botox-for-lipsLooking to book an appointment for Lip Botox?

We recommend DermalFillerClinic for Lip Botox Treatments, they are really quick at getting you an appointment and their practitioners are very good.  The procedure is done in about 20mts and they are competitive in cost.

The products can vary, it may be Juvederm, Vistabel, Dysport, Azzalure or Bocouture.  TOP TIP: Make sure you know the brand that is being used, we see some of the internet offers and they are ridiculously priced, so we cannot help but wonder what is in the product.  We like Juvederm based on fact its used by millions worldwide.  It is also one of the most common products used for Lip Botox treatments offered.

Botox or BTX can be used to erase lines around your lips, eyes, cheeks, forehead etc.  It basically fills out where the lines are and boost your skin’s appearance.  Some celebs on the TV / Magazines have taken it too far with their Lip Botox, but it can drastically boost your confidence when done right.

The trick is to make it look natural.  For LIPS you want the lips to look plump and almost like a cushion, puffy but just enough so the lips look kissable.

We like going to DermalFillerClinic as their work is natural looking, one of my friends went in and was advised against too much product as it wouldn’t look normal.

The botox for lips needs done every 4 – 6 months so you need to keep them topped-up.  This is achievable as its not too expensive.  Do not think more product of Botox is best, it can look lumpy and fake.

Ask to see the practitioner’s before and after pictures, every person who is a professional will take these pictures for their portfolio.  You should assess them to make sure you are happy with the work carried out.  If you have any questions, ask, its your right to be sure you are happy before you part with your hard-earned cash.